Why Does She Feel The Need To Tell Me?

Me & an ex of mine have started to be friends again recently. We text almost every night & call each other to look at our favorite tv show together & to sleep on the phone which is almost every night. I don't mind this at all. What bothers me is that almost every night for the last two weeks she calls me to go to sleep after she finishes talking to this guy that she likes & he likes her. When she calls all she does is talk about him and what he is doing right or wrong (alot wrong as of right now). I don't mind helping her with any of this cause we are friends I just hate that the last thing we talk about before i go to sleep is a guy that could be her next boyfriend. So the question is: Why does she talk about ANY guy in her life to me out of all people?


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  • Girls like to talk about their dating life with their friends. Crushes, problems, the good stuff. I'm sure that isn't news to you. She probably feels more comfortable unloading it on you than her b there friends, because you know that side of her better than they do (seeing as you dated).

    I'm staying friends with an ex right now, and currently dating others. I really want to talk to my ex about it because we always used to talk about relationship and sex stuff before, so I'm already comfortable. HOWEVER, even though I want to talk to about that topic, I don't. Because it seems a little disrespectful and taking advantage of the friendship.

    A little bit is ok, so you know what's going on each others lives, but not everytime you chat. Just ask "can we talk about something else for a while?" maybe :)


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  • She might still want you. And thinks talking about other guys will make you realize you aren't over her yet. And maybe you aren't... Then again she could just trust in you as a friend and want to share the good things that happen in her life


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