Is it strange to tell her im going to miss her when we split?

so i work with this woman that i hate to say that i am crazy for. she isn't single (bad i know). we have kissed and stuff once and although she has tried to back away from the physical stuff probably through guilt i believe she still likes me. i will be loosing my job next week which means i won't be seeing her again more than likely and it really hurts... to the point of tears (very pathetic and un masculine i know) but i have never felt such a pull and connection with anyone in my life. is it weird to tell her that im going to miss her lots? i dont want to be all needy but i want to show her how special she became to me over the past year before we part. screwed up and whiny sounding maybe... ? especially since she's taken but its just the way i feel... especially when it seems obvious she's still fond in return. it blows.
add not seeing her again and loosing my job at the same time smack bang before Christmas makes it all the worse lol


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  • I don't think it's that strange. If she's taken, I would try not to be too romantic about it. But if she's a friend then it's normal to try to part ways on a good note. You could even tell her you'd be open to hanging out or whatever.

    • Oh, and sorry about your job! 🙁 that's a bummer, but you're not alone. It happens to lots of people. Maybe you'll find something even better for you!

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    • Yeah, good luck! With the girl and the job!

    • thanks.. means a lot ;)

  • No it is very sweet

    • thank you :)

    • another thought... i just hope i can keep my shit together when the time comes to say goodbye. i wouldn't consider myself as over sensitive but im quite sentimental about things lol going to look pretty lame if im there crying like a tool and she's there trying to comfort me lol

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