Girls, What do I do?

So I'm a girl who has a girlfriend I broke up with her for the 101 times we are in a long distance relationship & every time I go to her house all we do is arguing now because when I go up I just want to spend time with her but every time I'm there she has to go things for her family & leave me in the house for hours & I keep telling her damn I don't stay with u I just want to spend time with her is that so bad but she doesn't see anything wrong with that, well this time I broke up with her because I was supposed to come to her house to spend Thanksgiving with her & she was supposed to pick me up Wednesday she had just came back for a trip Monday well anyways she said let's change it u come next week because I'm super tired woman issues came on & I don't want u to come up here now because u are going to whine about me sleeping & I don't feel like dealing with that but on Thanksgiving day she goes to Walmart & spend 6 hours in line so I broke up with her but then I told her I didn't want to break up so now she says she needs a break from me from all the arguing & breaking up over & over but ladies am I wrong for wanting to spend time with my woman who I don't see often what should she says she needs space but she texts me


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  • Time to breakpoint for food


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