How do I truly get closure from an ex?

I saw his Facebook picture and he is in a long term relationship. I just now realized that he never took pictures with me

We were only together for 3-4 months and we never had sex, so I'm surprised I'm not over this because it happened 5 years ago but before he dumped me he ignored me for 3 weeks and dumped me through text

I know most girls get more at attached in a relationship after sex which is why I pointed out that we never had sex

It's just they seem so happy together in their Facebook pictures
Lol everyone don't all answer at once


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  • about the sex and attachment thing, i think it depends on the girl, because my ex and i had plenty of sex, i was his first one, and she didn't fucking care about breaking up with me and moving to another country and not even try long distance...

    ... and I don't know, try dating some people, delete him from fb and try to move on slowly.

    • I tried that no one has mutually agreed to date me yet

  • Just let it go and enjoy your life


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