Whats your opinions, long term boyfriend (now ex) is confusing me?

He is 4 years younger than me, we have 1 child together. I am his first everything. He got into a lot of debts (now he's bankrupt) the debts were on cars, and credit cards. Eventually he couldn't keep up with his outgoings, and we were evicted from our home. Used to be long distance, until I moved to be with him.

His mother isn't really nice to me, she makes me feel uncomfortable and scared. All his family complain about her, but if I do, they all stand up for her. I got sick of that real quick. He did nothing to tell his mum to butt out of our relationship. He defends her always.

Okay, so now we've lost the house, and my only option was to move back in to that horror house, his mothers. I panicked and left back to my parents. I've been in contact with him due to our child together. I do miss him, I dont want to move on, but I felt that this is the best place for me to be (I have depression and anxiety now from the situation there).

He has been texting another single mom, and in the beginning he drove me mad asking to be together. Now he's the one pulling away and I'm now going mad missing him.. He has told me he doesn't know what he wants, he has turned cold and blunt, he says he isn't sure he wants to take a gamble for me to leave again, he says he's planning to see our son, he said there isn't much of a chance because I'm pushing him away (I'm guilty of emotional texts, and not giving him space - now I am leaving him alone) and he said that "we'll go from there". I just feel my gut is saying this guys got no respect for me, and he doesn't love me, he's just stringing me along so he can test the water elsewhere and always have me to fall back on. I'm just so confused I wish he would just grow up. I don't want to see my family apart, but at the same time, I need advice if I'm investing my energy into something that will never be, and someone who has absolutely no respect or love for me?


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  • Oh girl. Well I live on my in laws property with a mother in law from hell. She steals from me lies about me but my husband and I have a 2 yr old. I think his mom is running his life doesn't like you so she's now back in control of her son. My mom in law still tries to run me off my husband is oblivious. Being a single mom is hard but if you already do it then this may be for the best but talk to him maybe he'll come around. If you can try to keep him away from his mom. That might help. I wish you and your family the best.


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