Very frightening texts from Ex after breaking up with him this morning... what should I do? How serious is this?

I lost my father suddenly right before Thanksgiving. My boyfriend was supportive for a short time but became needy and demanding as was his usual demeanor (but now it's more noticable since I'm in mourning). Since I have nothing to offer him right now and need to focus on getting through this loss, I have distanced myself, sought comfort in a longtime guy friend that had more to offer and finally this morning told Ex very rationally that I needed space to get through this crisis because I won't have anything to offer him until I do. This was all happenening via text as I didn't feel comfortable doing it in person. So this afternoon I get this:

Very frightening texts from Ex after breaking up with him this morning... what should I do? How serious is this?then I don't want anything to do with you. Followed by:

You can't talk about killing someone period. I'm really creeped out. What should I do? Is he serious or just upset? It is scaring me. Thanks for your advice.


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  • Wow, that would be incredibly scary. I guess on one hand it makes it damn clear that this guy is a psycho and that breaking up with him is the absolute best and only thing to do. But with a reaction like that you may want to consider talking to the police. He may just be man-child ranting, but if something does happen to your other guy friend, it would be pretty useful to have that on record.

    It is your responsibility to take care of the physical safety of the innocent - in this case you and your guy friend. It is NOT your responsibility to worry about the repercussions that could happen to someone threatening to assault someone if you tell people what they said. They said it, they are responsible for the fallout. You need to protect yourself, and a psycho threatening people is someone that you may want to protect yourself from.

    • I've checked every 15 mins. hoping someone had answered. I really needed this support and you couldn't have put it better. Thank you SO much. You've really helped me! I've told my family and have saved the texts. If I get anymore nonsense, I'll go to the police. Thanks again xo

    • You're very welcome. Good luck. It's a frightening thing. Very wise to tell your family and save the texts.

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  • Uh yea, right? He's went too far. Stop talking to him, I understand why he'd be upset by you talking to the other guy but he got pyscho on you. Especially after your loss, which I'm really sorry to hear. You don't need some psycho causing you even more grief. If he gets worse contact the police. Be safe not sorry.


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  • Most guys that are immature are just all talk and angry. But I say from now, don't talk to him anymore, warn your boyfriend, and communicate with your boyfriend about how you feel. I'm a guy, and I know that we need basically a bill board of clues to tell us how you really feel and what you need. Communication is always best no matter the situation. just be honest, and if he doesn't understand. ... guess it's time to cut your losses. He needs to understand what you need and you need to communicate clearly with him instead of pushing him away. Looking for help with other guys will seem like your emotionally cheating on your boyfriend even if you don't intend to.


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