Any tips to make me feel better, besides deleting her?

Imaging an ex you deeply love but they changed and treated you really bad, so whenever you see their names on instagram when they upload a photo, on snapchat or whatever you feel this urge to know whats up but at the same time you dont want to because you fear to see them super happy or with someone else.

its been a couple of month since the breakup, she hits me up on text but i dont respond, she added me on snapchat again and now i see her updates, i have an urge to see whats up but i dont want to... shit man, i know it doesn't help me to get over things, btu she sees mines all the time, maybe she is not hurt or it doesn't hurt her not being with me anymore.


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  • Look yourself in the mirror, pound your chest, and tell yourself to stop being such a bitch.

    Sometimes a self pep talk is all you need. Good luck man...

  • I would cut off contact if it is too much. It'll be better in the long run


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