Can you lose feeling in only 2 weeks after promising your trust?

I am so confused about why this keeps happening in my life... I have trust issues from being in back to horrible relationships the last few years. I took over a year off from being in a relationship. I had worked with my most recent ex, brad for a year before we started hanging out outside of work. I had always been friends with him and had been happy seeing him come into work. I just never thought about him any other way. Our coworker told me he had a crush on me for forever so I finally noticed him. We started going on dates and within 3 months I felt like we had gotten to know each other on a deep level. He had so many things I would look for in a good partner. We talked about being exclusive 2 times before I finally agreed I was ready. I was terrified of dating again. He promised me he was finally someone I could trust and he was very serious about wanting to be in a relationship. He treated me better than any guy had in years and I had no doubt he was genuine. Everyone at work said we were perfect for each other.

2 weeks after becoming official we put in time for work to go out of town for his bday. He was transferred to a store in his home town that caused him to be 40 mins father away. This shouldn't have been an issue. The last time I had actually hung out with him everything I randomly started noticing him acting a little different... being distant... then he bailed on our plans which was the first time he had done so. The next time he saw me he broke up with me saying he didn't feel the same only 3 weeks after we put in our time for vacation When we only saw each other one time in between then. He said we had some "personality differences" we never got in a real fight once. Is this possible when he had a Crush on me for so long and was the one that pursued me and promised his trust? Would he not have know my personality by then or is this an excuse? I'm so lost and devastated.


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  • This is complicated. Having a crush isn't reality but an "official" relationship is. You've heard the saying be careful what you wish for you just might get it? He discovered you weren't what he thought. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you


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