Why would an ex keep in contact then just stop?

If they ended the relationship but kept in constant contact for months and even gets needy if you don't respond right away. Says they love you , then just a week goes by and they stop contacting you


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  • Something came up. Maybe a new girl

  • ahh still with my situation my ldr whom i broke up its been 4 month that was a verrrrrrrry baddddddddddddddd breakup as she going to call the police. I just gave her a message but she didn't give me any message yeah i was so needy but she so mad at me that time i thought she loose madness about me so i contact her but she didn't gave me any of her message but i don't know why? i don't know when she gave me message as i see her on okcupid dating site.. but she stop useing that? still waiting for her message why she is not giving me message?


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