Really worried about my ex girlfriend. I need advice fast?

My ex girlfriend of 1 year broke up with me about 2 months ago and started seeing someone else. (Ive already kinda sorted that from a different question i asked which is why ill keep the circumstances brief) however, this new guy is the complete opposite from me and is really really bad news. although she left me for him, she's a really nice girl and im afraid he will change her, and be a bad influence on her. Him and all his pals are the sporty/f**kboy type, always out a partys, gettin drunk, etc etc. Im really worried for her hanging around with this new guy. Please help, what should i do, should i just stay out of it, or tell her my concerns etc? Any help, advice or similar situations in much appreciated!! Thanks C


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  • Partying or getting drunk doesn't automatically make someone a bad person. Are you sure you're not just jealous and overreacting?
    It doesn't really matter if they're good or not though, you should really stay out of it unless you think her life is in actual danger. Going through this kind of stage can be good for some people, it might help them realize what kind of person they actually want to be with. Some people need to make mistakes in order to learn, and that's ok as long as they actually don't hurt themselves too badly and get into some serious trouble. So yeah, stay out of it unless you actually think she's in danger.


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  • Maybe say "I respect the fact that you left me. I have dealt with that. But I still care about you as a person and I'm worried about you with this guy. I'm sure you know him better than I do so I'm trying not to dwell on this too much but please just don't let him change you into anything you don't want to be."


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  • Stay out of it. She left you for something different. If you say something to her it'll just look like you're talk bad about her new boyfriend and not because you care about her.


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