I saw ex like a month or so ago and now haven't seen her since and left wondering?

she reappeared one night at the local pub and was with a group of girls she's close to , i had talked to her during the night and near end as we were leaving , everything seemed to go ok although she was tough to read and our run in was not planned as i didn't know she'd be here. as she had been living in another city for work this summer but then came home. i'm not really sure what she is up to now and constently left wondering about that run in. it just seems weird she'd reappear one night supposedly interested in reconnected and appeared to miss me , then just disappear again without a trace.
i honestly have no clue where she has been since , not a word from her and no idea what she is up to. i'm not even sure if she still lives here or if she returned to that job. its just all really bothering me , the lack of answers , when she was gone it felt like she had died and was just gone forever then she like reappeared and now she is gone again


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  • dont think about her anymore


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