Ex checks my social media, says I still "mess him up," and tell our friends that he doesn't want to lose me?

I met him when we were both 13.

We were the BEST of friends through school. I've liked him since then. We started dating early our senior year of highschool for 11 months. We both go to the same uni and after 2 months into the first semester, he decides to join a frat. He dumped me because I was scared of him joining; I'm from another country & had no idea what it even was. No communication, no trying to convince me, he became distant, talked to me less and less, and called me "suffocating." Things were strained and I was just upset in general.

Our breakup was possibly the "best" breakup if you can imagine. We met up, and it was the first time I saw him cry in the 6 years I've known him. We held each other the entire time, crying, kissing, and talking a lot until we finally left, both sad and no longer a couple. He said he wanted to stay friends because he didn't hate me, and still cared about me a lot, but needed his space. I agreed. It's been 1& 1/2 months since then, and things got worse.

He started drinking heavily, & sleeping around with girls, one of them being my ex "best friend." I found out, and got so so angry/hurt. After all, I'm still in love with him, unfortunately. He knew I was p*ssed and told our friends that he didn't want to lose me, that he regretted what he did and was just lonely. I tried moving on, cutting off all contact. Thats when he started talking/flirting with me again, calling me beautiful and sh*t. I tried giving him his things back but he begged me to keep his shirts.. I think I was far too eager. I just wanted to see him, I still love him. Then he started ignoring me all over again a few days ago. It hurt so bad, so last night I told him I was completely done with him, even tho I'm not. He apologized a lot, said I still "messed him up," but that I was still too suffocating. I told him I wouldn't suffocate him anymore and he replied with "I dunno.." I just want us to be ok and maybe get together again in the future. Help?


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  • he is a kind of person that you should be away from


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