Just saw her... being held by another guy?

We broke up weeks ago and she told me she wasn't ready for a serious relatonship, even though it kind of was and I dedicated so much of my time to being in her company whenever she wanted me. god i'm so shocked right now, i'm bloody shaking. i just saw this guy on a picture wrapping his arm around her. clearly i am jelous, but I'm more annoyed at the fact it feels like she's just completely done with me. this makes me feel like i was JUST a boyfriend to her, i thought i meant more than that :/ . This could be a rebound relationship, probably is.

can girls just be over their ex's just after a few weeks? this quickly? it suprises me. now wish i could just rip the thought of her out of my brain, would just love to forget that we ever met in the first place. I get it that finding a boyfirend is a good way to forget about your worries, that could be one of the reasons she's with another guy.

Need to move on, focus on other things. would love to just self-improve for like a year, then when she sees me, I hope she is suprised, probably would just glance at her for not even a second.


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  • She's trying to make you jealous. Sounds like she broke up with you, but if you ended it, she might be trying to make you jealous so you'll come back to her. And no, if its only been a few weeks she's definitely not over you, its actually one of the reasons she's with this new guy.

    • Especially if she put a picture up.. its purely to get under your nerves

    • @timmy111 wasn't her picture. she took it, but it weren't hers, it's her boyfriends...

    • Ohhhhhh. that's different mate..
      At her age, don't give it to much thought. No-one knows what they want.
      Go find better, and then you'll definitely hear from her, the beauty is you won't care by then

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  • You and me both Except it happened right in front of my eyes. I was dating my co-worker she started acting more distant. One day I was helping a customer out and she was happy to see him. She went to him and started kissing him right in front of me. I was shaking too I wanted to just walk out of work and quit but I stayed working the whole day. I see her almost everyday and that guy is all she talks about. I came to realize that It wasn't ment to be and that I have more control over anything. I don't need a bitch to make me happy thats why I can do better bymyself.

    • I don't understand how she could be so cruel. She was clearly not considerate of what she was doing right in front of you. I know I wouldn't do that to make my ex jealous or anyone else for that matter. Some women just make relationships feel like everything and then afterwards, make it feel like it was nothing.

    • Fuck it thats life for you all I know we're gonna come up with or without people like that. You gotta prepare yourself for the worse. We are doing secret santa at work I swear If I have to be the one to buy her a gift Im gonna by that bitch a bag of charcoal...

    • haha you should

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  • Yeah it's possible. im sorry I know it sucks. it goes both ways though. I've had a guy do that to me. The best advice I could give you is to just move on. Its better to focus on the future instead of the good memories you and her had together. It's hard as hell, but once you're in the mindset, it'll get easier day by day.


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