Why is ex "pretending" he didn't break up and was "taking space"?

I kind of drove my ex to break up with me because he was telling lies and wouldn't admit to certain things. He was the one to break up first. And, the point is that some months after he clearly wanted to reenter my life.

Using ANOTHER lie, he actually said it was good that we "took space" and we "should contact each other sometimes when we are free". WTF type of bullshit is he trying to give me? He actually thought he could downplay what really happened or ignore the fact that HE initated the break up. What is wrong with this guy?


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  • You drove him to break up yet he's the one to actually do it. Sounds more like you're the puppet master.

    • Possibly. But, the question is why is he behaving as if nothing happened? Even if I influenced it, he still isn't calling it what it is and trying to make it lighter than it sounds...

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    • No I don't think a guy like this regrets anything. In this case in his mind he didn't do anything wrong. He's starting to sound dangerous and sociopathic. The lying, pretending and now stalking are huge red flags

    • I didn't consider that he might be sociopathic because I haven't encountered this before. Will look into it. Maybe "stalking" is an extreme word, but he definitely checks to see if I am online several times per week. And, he never initiates contact either...

      I cannot believe his denial and stubbornness. He actually believed he could get away without a confession or changing himself!

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  • Don't try to figure him out. The relationship is over. Clearly express you don't want to be with him (why would you?) and don't respond to any contact. He will just cause more problems for you.


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