I just don't understand why can't I get him out of my head?

We started dating in the end of June, we went out for two weeks before I had to leave for vacation for two months during that time we did the whole long distance thing. He would text me first every single day as soon as he woke up and would occasionally call. That was until I got back. He was a bit different (maybe I was too?), he introduces me to his friends, tells me I'm really important to him, etc... Yet something seemed off? By the end of the week I confront him about it. He blows up... Tells me he's not ready for a relationship, he doesn't want to text me anymore and that he really likes me but I want him to be fully committed to me and he can't because he has school right now and something about him being scared I was going to break up with him? (I think he was just saying shit to not hurt me). I asked him if that was it and he said yes. I just said okay and got up and left and we haven't contacted each other since (this was in September) he removed me from fb and pretty sure deleted my number.

I don't understand why I'm still hung up on him. I liked him a lot but most of the relationship was long distance (about two months long distance, three months in total) he literary broke up with me 2 weeks after I got back... He didn't even give me a chance, why do I think about him all the time and wish we are friends or something? It doesn't make sense to me since most of what I know about him is through what he told me via text not by what I actually saw (if that makes sense). I feel like I'm going crazy...


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  • Well for now move on and wait for him to finnish his education then when he is finnished with his last year contact him if your still single and tell him you were going to make a vacation near his college and tell him to let you know if he wants to meet for coffee or anything.(That is if you think you will still have feelings for him.

    • Pretty sure he dumped me cause he didn't want me anymore. Not because he actually had school, men aren't that considerate.

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    • its just say happy b day and congratz on your soming st/rd b day and then ask like hows college going and say bye keep it short and sweet.

    • Do I really want to be the one who initiates contact after he dumped me?

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  • You are not going crazy. I too keep thinking about my ex best friend and hope we could get back. It's totally ok to think like that. Just keep in mind that don't hold on for him forever while not doing anything else. Try talking to new people and see if you get a guy better than him. Don't waste your time on people who don't appreciate you. Good luck 😃😃

    • I'm really trying my best. He just keeps popping in my head because there wasn't actual closure maybe?
      I'm sorry about your ex best friend. Hope it works out!

    • thanks a lot. best of luck to you too !!😃😃

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  • Because you were more attached to him more than you realized, you cannot control it, no one can.

    • I just wish he hadn't introduced me to his friends and told me how much he liked me a week before he decided to dump me.
      lol feelings are shitty.

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