Seeing things on Facebook that's breaking your heart, dont know what to do?

My ex was at an event last night which we were both meant to attend, I never attended as it was his friends event. This morning on my homepage were photos of him and other girls, one in particular a certain girl who is a vile bitch and his other friends girlfriend, the caption for the photo was disgusting!! It was a disgusting caption about how he's now single and how happy the bitch is. I feel sick to My stomach. We are currently having NC which is breaking me apart as it is without seeing that sort of thing! I hate this and can't stand it. I want to speak to him so badly but dont even know what to say!!


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  • You need to block him everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

    You won't get over it this way. Trust me, I learned that the hard way.

    • I have him blocked on it but unfortunately almost all our friends are mutual, we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone :(

    • Ahh sweetie, that sucks, it really does.

      I'd take some time off FB for a while, maybe unfollow the mutual friends without unfriending them.

      Also, in teh USA now, FB has added some feature that allows you to hide your ex on FB or something.

      I know you badly want to talk to him, but you really won't get anywhere if you do.

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  • It's your own fault. Don't play the victim! Why is your ex even your fb friend? Removing an ex from fb is the first thing you do after a break up...

    • My ex IS blocked on Facebook. Photos of him will still appear on my timeline just without him tagged in!

    • Then take a break from Facebook. Deactivate your account for a couple of months until you get over him or unsubscribe from mutual friends who will be tagged in hus pictures or will like and comment on his photos so you won't see his pics.

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  • Then turn off Facebook!


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