How do I break up with him?

I've been dating this guy for not too long, but I really feel like it isn't working out. Its not that he is a terrible person or anything, it's just I don't feel comfortable in a relationship. And he is a really sensitive person so I'm afraid of hurting him. School has been very stressful lately, and I just can't manage a relationship right now. We only see each other at school, so I don't really have a private place to do it. Help please


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  • You know no matter how kind or concerned you are for him. You can't not hurt him, ultimately work your own feelings out first and if you're absolutely sure, take him aside privately and break it to him, don't say stuff like 'its not you, its me'. Admit that lately you haven't been feeling yourself lately and right now the only person you've room for is yourself.


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  • You should arrange to meet with him and just be honest and open because the longer you wait to tell him the more attached he will become. It's better for his tears to shed now while he isn't that deep into the relationship than when he finally falls for you


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  • Just ask to speak with him privately and tell him how you feel. Yes, he will be hurt, that's something unavoidable with break ups, but he will heal.


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