Divorced man doesn't want more?

I was with a guy for a year who told me from the beginning that he didn't want a relationship. We had sex every weekend. Then I was getting “too emotionally involved” and would get hurt because I felt we were in a close relationship but he wasn't living up to my expectations. So he “broke it off” even though we weren't technically “together” in the first place.

We still hang out every weekend and have sex sometimes. He says that I'm too emotionally involved because it's my first relationship, but I don't think so. We are best friends, and would do anything for each other. He answers my calls in the middle of the night (a big thing for him because he cherishes his sleep) and would talk with me about things I was upset about even though it was making him feel like he had to defend himself. I don't understand why we had to break it off like this. I know the reasons he's told me, like how he doesn't have time for an actual relationship because he's trying to become financially stable, and he has a hard time getting close to people because his ex-wife left him for another guy. But if you care deeply about someone, shouldn't you bring them closer, not further? And should I tell him my feelings even though I know I'll be rejected?


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  • I'm very sorry to tell you this, but you aren't the girl for him. You need to stop seeing him and move on. You will never be his girlfriend, he'll never be "in love" with you.

    Why? Because you are a companion. You are what he needs. Someone by his side. If he had feelings for you, you'd be together.

    His reasons are excuses to try and spare your feelings when really he should just tell you the truth.

    He's just not into you like that and he still wants sex and affection. He probably doesn't want a girlfriend, but when he finds the right girl, which obviously isn't you, he'll change his mind.

    Girl, get the f*** away from him. I PROMISE IT'S for the best.

    I had the same thing exactly. He was my first and he told me he didn't want a relationship and hurt me really, really bad. We even lived together and still weren't in a relationship.

    When I finally broke it off with him he decided he wanted a relationship, but it was too late. He just didn't want to lose his happy sitch, but never gave me what I needed.

    Guys are selfish. and girls let them do it.


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