Does he still have feelings for me?

We've been together since June, and its been great overall, only little problems. Neither of us have dated anyone for about 3 years, and he has not done anything physical in those 3 years (confirmed). We only had kissed people when we started talking, but now have done everything but sex. These past weeks have been awesome. Saturday, I was pmsing, Sunday was fine. Monday is when the bad mood began. in the summer, did not place into the lowest class offered for actual credit. He took it again Monday, failed and was placed in class needing 3 sections of no credit, still needing the class that offered credit. He was in a bad mood. I ended up crying that night for about 2 or 3 mins, but didn't explain pms-ing. Tuesday, after studying all day, he failed again. He went back to dorm, where he is very annoyed by his roommates. Bad mood this Wednesday and when he came into my room he said he didn't know if we were fixing our problems, and he just felt were both in a funk lately, and I asked if he wanted to break up, and he said I don't know. I started crying quietly and he wrapped me in his arms and wouldn't let go, shaking and crying into me, staying for an hour. When i folded 2 shirts I always wear and handed them to him he completey lost it, bawling and holding my hand, pressing the shirt to his face. He said he didn't want to lose me, i asked if he ment he didn't want awkwardness, and he said no i still want to be able to text you and talk and hang out with you. I said I don't know, and he asked if he could at least check on me. After all of this, I realized he only said he didn't have feelings when I verbatim said i need you to say you don't have feelings for me so I can get over it. He couldn't say it, only saying i do care, and finally after I kept pressing, not to that extent. I told him I believed he does have feelings and that the issue was important, but we need to finish out the semester, so to really reflect on a lot of positives and good times (i wrote a few really good ones including one from last week). He was happy to see me, and had appropriate responses to all memorie mentioned, even hugged me as we walked away, and hasn't said anything about not caring. Does he still have feelings? and will giving him time and space to sort out his stress have a good chance of him coming back to me?


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  • Maybe come to a mutual agreement to suspend the relationship till he can get his class done and then come back together. Cause if you guys want it to work it sounds like he just needs time to focus. This isn't saying its done forever but a mutual decision to focus on school and work. But reconnect after its all done. To me I think you two could make it work.


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