What Do You Do When Your Life Is Too Much To Handle? (Major Part: Parents Fighting)?

Lately, my parents have been fighting a lot. We went to New York for two months, and my mom is terrified of flights. After a lot of thinking and talking my parents agreed we'll go to New York in order to try living there. My mom also, really hates changes. So when we arrived, she started complaining about everything. They get upset over every little thing and start arguing.

I'm an anxious person and my parents have always got along really well, so now as they're fighting I started to panic.
I'd calm myself down, thinking "that's gonna stop really soon, no worries" but it's not.
A wekk ago my dad found out he has some troubles with his job back in our country, so we decided to go back to our country and come back to New York a year or two later. My mom who wasn't sure at the first place she wants to stay here in New York, now doesn't want to leave. As I said, she also has a fear of flights and barely survived the fiest flight, so it's a really big deal for her.
With all of these troubles, they won't stop fighting.

I'm currently in a store in New York, 10 days from now we fly back to our country, and my mom still gets upset over little things. I'm not trying to make my mom look bad, she's a wonderful person and my dad also had some issues so it's not totally her fault, but as my dad went to buy food my mom, me abd my little sister were in a clothes store and they pissed her off so she complained my dad always brings us to these kind of stores in purpose so she wouldn't find anything. (really isn't)
She startes to get mad and saying things her older daughter (my sister is only 5) shouldn't be hearing them. (For example: "I need to end all of this crap very soon." I don't want to know what that means.)
As I said I'm an anxious person, so as we went to the dressing room I couldn't even trying on new clothes, I was nearly shaking. I was so mad at her and at this situation, I honestly was feeling and still am compl
completely lost*.
I'm hopeless. I have no idea what would make them stop and I'm really terrified of thinking about the possibility of them to split. Please, help me😔 What do you when your parents fight?


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  • What happened 2 me is i break down listen 2 sad music and let my self cry till i feel better happens like 3 times a years but for the rest of the year im happy and nothing gets me down


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  • Aww that sounds a lot like my childhood except I had a single mom. hang in there, I promise things will get better. Try your best to be there for your family because even though they are getting under your skin, they are struggling and they need you.

    They're just really stressed out and getting on each other's nerves but that's very common for married couples and it will be OK. Your mom is just scared and your dad sounds frustrated because he's trying to make things better and they aren't working out.

    Do you have any outlets, like exercise or poetry? That will help a lot


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