Ex will randomly text, what is he thinking?

Its been a couple months post break up and I have done my best to maintain NC. I truly loved him, but he never showed me the care I deserved, I was no longer feeling like a priority, yes I tried to talk to him about it and he blamed me for trying to destroy our relationship. I broke up w/him and only contacted him about my stuff (I gave up on my stuff), he called me a couple days later making me grand promises. I didn't fall for that and then he messaged me, blaming for hurting him. Then a couple weeks later he messaged me how he missed me. Later on he texted/messaged a one word message. A couple weeks ago another one word text. I haven't answered any of those. What is he doing?


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  • Sounds like he's trying to manipulate you. He's playing mind games to benefit his own selfish needs. Don't fall for it. I've been through it before and it's a form of control. You stated you cared about him but he didn't give you what you felt you deserved. Unless his actions prove he can give you what you need, I wouldn't look back. Don't waste another minute on him. Stay strong and follow your intuition.


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