Is it possible he will gain feelings back or are we done for good?

We've been together for a while and been through a lot together. Three months into our relationship when we first started dating I started accusing him almost every day. He said he got tired of me accusing him. He said he lost feelings for me,but still wants me to be his main girl in his life; to be there for him and he will do the same for me. Stuff happened and we broke up. He still loved me, but I got insecure and said some stuff. He use to say that we will get back together,only if I would stop accusing him everyday.I stopped, and he was going to ask me back out, but I didn't know and got really insecure and said some stuff I shouldn't of said, so he said that he doesn't want to be with me anymore,because of that and because he's trying to get caught up in school and get his life together. I still have mad love for him. Would he ever gain feelings back if we still hang out as friends, and do everything together as he wants? or will never love me again..?

thought I should update this...he never lost feelings for me...he just got tired of the way I've been acting,and I totally understand where he was coming..we both had our faults...and worked it out...and now its better than ever...just an update.


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  • ... I've been in ur situation befor but mines was so different, but from what I've gone through was much worst. I don't think yall are over but I do think you need time to get over ur insecurities. handel you first, then try going back after him, keep and touch with him.

    the more your insecure ways get and between you and him the more ur dirvin him away. but I have to say if he didn't want to b with you he wouldn't pick you over them. he still wants you otherwise he wouldn't keep coming back. so handel you first keep the poisiton of you and he being together open, then take him on. but please take care of ur insecurities first or he's gone and gettin him back isn't anything but a dr3@m

    • Hey thanks! :) this is so true...but before I read your answers earlier today we talked about this same exact thing you mention on here! and I'm working on it and he's working on his...cause it was both of our faults why our relationship wasn't working..but thanks I think everything is working out so far thanks

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  • Move on.


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