I feel like a fool?

My ex and I broke up a couple months ago. We dated for 3 years, I know it sounds stupid, but it took him like a year to post me on social media, and it use to make me insecure because I would feel like he was ashamed of me. Now I look on his social media and he has a girl he says he's not seeing but hanging out with on his social media.. its humiliating, because he gave me hope that he's not dismissing a future with us. The past 3 RANDOM girls he's seen he's uploaded them on social media so fast, but with me we dated for so long and it took him ages as he said he wanted his privacy but then he's contridicting himself.. I'm furious with him and feel like a fool. We have to stay in contact due to connecting ties and shared custody, should I mention it to him? What should I say? I was passive towards him last week because I felt I was being lied to and he reassured me.. but then he does this.


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  • Hey girl, you should get the point straight across with this guy, because he's not considering your feelings. He will then realizes how messed up he is, and if he continues to be rude with you, break up with him, because he is being a jerk, and you don't deserve to be with any guy like that.

    • You are so right

    • Thanks so much, the thing is we broke up a couple months ago because we were constantly arguing.. and so we decided to cool it for a bit and focus on ourselves and then he does shit like this. You're totally right it's just hard to accept that he will be in my life for literally the next 16 years, in contact weekly. I just wish I didn't have to deal with him in my life period,

    • Don't worry babe. One day you'll find a guy who will Love and appreciate you no matter what. Just be patient, and love will find its way.

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