Why won't he break up with her?

So iv been talking to this guy for 5months we are perfect we get along wonderful we hang out all the time we've even kissed he's told me he has feelings for me and I told him I feel the same but he. Has a g.f he's been dating for 17months and doesn't like her anymore..Why won't he break up with her?


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  • Hi,

    Well obviously he still has feelings for her plus that's cheating what you's are doing how would you like it if you were in her possition that's nasty I hate people that cheat so I hope he stays with her and tells you to take a hike.

    • Failed to mention she's been cheating on him and he's caught her..

    • Well now that's a diffrent story. He should get rid of her for cheating on him and I don't think it would work between you both just have a feeling you want him to dump her for yourself your jealous, and your just thinking about what you want instead of there relationship you have NO SAY at all if he wants to stay with her then so be it but if he wants you then let him or chuck him.

  • People stay with people because it fulfills a need. It may be a need you don't understand or they cannot even figure out, but there is something there. I have a girlfriend who has been with a guy for 7 years. He is a disaster, the exact opposite of what she says she wants. He's an alcoholic and financially irresponsible, just like her dad, and she won't marry him because of all of this. But she won't end it either. One reason she is with him is she does not want to be alone. Another is we sometimes end up with people we "recognize" even if it is because they remind us of an abusive parent. Another is because guys with qualities she has (financially responsible, caring) and are smart and have their acts together, she feels inferior to them. She's still holding on to the image of her coming from a family with 2 alcoholic parents that she ended up taking care of. She does not feel she deserves or fits in with a "good" guy.

    So, that may not help you know exactly what his motivation is, but there is something he is getting from her, and hey, he still has you too. Why give her up when he can have both of you.


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