My ex came begging me to take him back and then disappeared?

Please help I feel like the biggest looser in the world. We were together for 4 years and we broke up almost a year ago. I was doing alright but I never really stopped loving him, maybe because I haven't met anyone else yet. To make it short, few weeks ago he started initiating contact with me, right 3 days ago when he came to me, crying, telling me how he loves me and how he never stopped loving me. He was the one to breakup because, as he said, he had a lot of going on and he was a mess and he lost his feelings for me along the way. He now claimed how he regretted it but tried to move on, and never did. He really is doing better, got a new job and stuff, I could see some difference between then and now. He came to be being all sweet and basically like a prince on a while horse. We talked all night and I forgave him. He started making plans about our future, swearing how he will never leave me again and so on. Then we had sex and it was amazing... And then he ghosted out. He literally disappeared. He told me he will call me tomorrow, and he never did. It's been 4 days now. I called him and left him a message and he never picked up texted back. But he saw it. He never did something like this to me, even during our breakup he would always respond in a matter of seconds when I would contact him. This literally killed me. I fell for it like an idiot! I haven't been this hurt even when we broke up, this is on a whole new level. I feel used and played and I can't shake the filthiness off of me! I'm not even mad at him, I'm mad at myself. Why the hell would he do this?


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  • Don't let him play games with you.


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