So my boyfriend broke up with me a month ago, he said we would probably give it another go in like a couple of months, what do I do?

So I'm still not over him and have been told that he apparently still likes me just has no time for me, I have no way of contacting him as he has broken his phone. We never actually stopped talking after he broke up with me the only difference was the time it took him to reply... Its been a month and although we were only together for a month I have never felt this way before, so what should I do, part of me wants to wait for him but I don't know


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  • I feel that if he really cared enough here, dear, he would have Moved Heaven and earth To... Make time for me.
    It appears, as wise as I think that I am, that he is Making lame duck excuses in telling you this, and Now is Making Time For Him Only.
    Let him go for now and give him his space. I am not really even convinced that this celly is 'Broken,' but whatever his Reason of this Season, Focus on You and if he should come around town, don't wear your heart on your own sleeve, should he leave.
    He may not want to be in a Real Relationship right now and may want to be his own free bird. If this is the case, think of his face, but also Think of You right now and continue with your own life. A girl could get lonely and old waiting for one of Today's toms to decide to poop or get off his hot pot.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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  • Why would you waste your TIME in a guy who doesn't have TIME for YOU


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  • "give it another go in a couple months" I use to have hope when my ex said this, however things are unlikely to change and that if they want you now they'd try to do everything to make it work. Who knows he may be even busier in 2 months. DOn't wait, but if you're available and still feel the same way when he comes around then go for it, but don't wait.


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