Guys, Would you take her back?

So after not seeing each other for two months my SO and we're finally able to meet and hang out. It was a great night he told me how much he missed me and that he appreciates me always being there for him. Well the next night we were suppose to mee but he told me he had work to do and I later found out he actually threw a party at his place with all his friends and I wasn't invited. He later asked me to come over at 5 a. m. and I impulsively refused and broke it off. He told me he understood but I regret my decision and have tried getting in contact with him but he won't respond to my calls or texts. What is he thinking? And what do I do? I love him, I just tend to act on impulse and put my foot in my mouth.


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  • No, you don't love him. You are just feeling left out. He lied to you and his friends are more important to him than you. He doesn't feel the same about you. Calling at 5 am is a douche bag move too. Forget him and find a man that will worship the ground you walk on!


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  • its over lol... move on


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