Guys, Is it pushy to basically invite yourself over your ex's for Christmas even though you guys are getting along really well and actlikea couple?

When together.


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  • He is your ex. Being friends rarely works even for those people who think "but we;re different!" You should move on with your life and not try to be involved in his life, and he needs to do the same. That is more difficult to do when you are there for Christmas.

    • No I said that's already been done and we act like a couple when we're together.

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    • It is time for you to have the talk. "We are acting like a couple, holding hands, making love, spending our time together. Does this mean that we are back together? Are you and I now 'we?' Do we have a future together?" You may be afraid to ask because you think the answer may not be what you want to hear; if that is the case, delaying will not make your life easier.

    • Well I did ask before when he wasn't ready so now it's up to him

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