How can I get back together with my ex?

still early days yet i know but has been a week since me and the guy im seeing split.
we ended on good terms and split because we can't see each other very much at the minute

during the break up he said things like 'im not saying things couldnt work out at some stage but right now...' and 'right now isn't the right time for things to happen between us...'.


we were going to keep in contact but i said i preferred if we didn't... because 'id be afraid staying friends and talking all the time that id get thinking that it coud ever go back to how it was before when really it never would'.

i meant that i would down the line want to get back together... but i wouldn't want to think there was a chance if there wasn't

he hasn't spoken to me since and i dont know if I've upset him by saying that? or if he would ever consider getting back together? or if he was just talking about those things and wanting to keep in touch just to be nice during a break up?

dying to know if there is any chance of us getting back togther.. because thats all i really want. how do i know if he does to? or how do i go about getting him back?


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  • I'd move on. If he wanted to be with you he'd find a way. It isn't meant to be


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