Guys, when you look at a girl like this what does it mean?

Guys, what does it mean when a guy still looks at you with that sparkle in his eyes, I love you look that he has since day one after you guys have been broken up for months and he's supposedly moved on mean? Does it mean he still loves you and there's a potential you both will work things out?


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  • I just broke up not to long ago and have been thinking about the same kind of thing you are. Here is what I came up with: He still loves you. But he has moved on. Even though you guys broke up you did get together for a reason. That means that on some level even now you are a person he likes and appreciates. That's what that look is. He still appreciates and loves you for who you are. But as he moves on its not a romantic partner type of love. It is a love for what you had, what he learned, and he knows the best parts of you along with any bad ones that you may have. As far as working things out is concerned... Remember you guys did break up for a reason just as one brought you together. If you did get back together would you be able to solve the problems you had? Are there hurt feeling that need to be addressed? Stuff like that has to be given a lot of account before such a decision is made. Talk to him about your feelings and questions. He will give you a answer. Chances are he is probably already comfortable talking to you from when you two used to be together. I hope this helped.

    • Thank you. You did help a little bit. However, he's the one who left. I don't know why. And when I've asked he says to get things situated. We have a 2 week old daughter together. Every time he talks to me him and I are a "we" and "us". Which that in itself is confusing because we are not together. Here's the other thing, he doesn't look at the girl he's supposedly moved on with the way he looks at me. Is it possible she's just a rebound? Im honestly just waiting for him to stop allowing this girl to make decisions for him regarding his daughter. He waits until he's at work to call or text me about his daughter. And even then, he asks how I'm doing and what not. I just don't understand what's going through his head. Even says our daughter looks just like me and I'm not even sure if that's a good or bad thing.

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    • Your right. But this chance that he had was months ago when I was still pregnant. I was sorta hoping that after I had our daughter that he would be able to open his eyes and see things. That maybe he would realize things. I guess that takes time. I'm just hoping he makes the best decision. Because this chick or home wrecker as I like to call her isn't making things any easier on him or the situation. And for whatever reason he's blinded by her and seeing things for what they are.

    • I'm certainly hoping the best for you as well. And hey if you ever just need a person to talk to or give you a kind word feel free to PM me ok?

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