Girls, Why is my ex trying to hurt me and she has a new bf?

Ok, we were together for a year and a half. We got engaged and once that event happened she completely changed up on me. We were living together and she would spend obscene amounts of time with her ex sister in law, our dates stopped and she moved out this past April. We've been broken up since September then she recently started to contact me back in November saying she wanted to be friends, never mentioned working on our relationship, just friends. Like an ass, I let her borrow money when she asked for it and gave her my iPhone 6 I had just finished making payments on because I had just got a new phone. We were supposed to be spending time together on Thanksgiving day and it took awhile to figure out why she had not come over. Low and behold, while at my best friend house, he shows me pictures on her Facebook page hugged up with her new guy. Now this is about a week after I let her borrow money, gave her my phone and even sent her a flower arrangement to her job to cheer her up because she was having a not so good day. Now after seeing this, I liked the post and said I see you've moved on just fine, then she tells me some crap about it not being her boyfriend after erasing the comment I posted on Facebook. Then she sends me a message trying to start an argument yesterday because she was removed from a Facebook group that I am an admin of. I never removed her, it was actually my best friend who did it. Then the argument starts from there, she tells me she wanted us to start over and be together, but I didn't want that. So I guess me still doing the things I was doing doesn't mean anything? Just when I had seemed to move on she re-enters my life with drama. Why is she doing this? I need answers because it's driving me crazy


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  • You let her take advantage. Don't complain when you gave her those things. She can't be expected to date you just because you give her things. Stop being childish (like she is) and accept the relationship is over. Don't contact her and don't involve yourself in her life. Move on.


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