Could you ever get over the girl you THOUGHT was gonna be your wife?

Say you really loved her and had made all the plans to move in together, marry her and have a family. You saw her as the mother of your future kids, and her only.

would you ever truly get over that woman? Would you be able to talk to her if you ended up breaking up in the end?

Whats your opinion guys?


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  • Yes you would get over her. I mean it is really the only option since what else can you do. I believe something like this would create a lot of hatred in a person making that easier to do than what a lot of people think it would be. Why would you want to talk to her? I mean I would pretty much never want to see her again in my life. So no I wouldn't talk to her. Really if I came across her I wouldn't even acknowledge her, just treat her like a stranger, since in that situation that all she would be.


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  • Yes, it is possible for someone to get over the one they thought would be their life partner for the rest of their journey. When an individual's personality evolves, their desires and needs from a significant other shift as well. What satisfied them mentally and emotionally years ago is no longer a fit. What excited them may now bore them due to it's predictability. What intrigued them now seems like an aging discovery; nothing more, nothing less. Some people don't get caught up in the mystery of what could have been because they are too busy evolving and seeking something different than what they used to long for.

    Not only that, but sometimes people will come along who surpass the greatest, most splendid concepts our imagination could come up with. We may have a set of actions and traits that hunt for like treasure then someone comes along with a different set of traits and actions which are even more valuable and enriching than what was planned for.

    Whether they would talk to her on a regular basis if the relationship ended depends on the guy but it's usually a really horrible, awful, disastrous idea to keep in touch with an ex and try to be friends after going so far romantically.


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  • Eventually, but it's really hard when you love someone or feel like you could love someone, but they don't love you back

  • I think yes but I wasn't there hope never be in that situation


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