How to be single for 1 good year or maybe 2?

im always in a relationship..

i wanna try new things,, to cope better and to love myself better


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  • Stop thinking about the other person. Ultimately if you feel like doing something. Do it alone. Take a long hike by yourself or do a secret project on your own. Something like that. Give yourself some space that no one can intrude.


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  • Its easy! Don't look into any guys eyes! Look at your phone when walking and don't talk to anyone too much! Watch movies and go on GAG~! If you feel like love is missing watch romantic movies and cry! lol Eat ben and jerry!

    • hahaha i know, when they found out im single, a lot of guys are talking to me, im not really interested, even the cutest one, even my libido is depressed too hahaha. before i usually have rebound fling but no not this time. not really interested,, i want to love myself first.

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    • hahaha i know.. i want to be happy on my own, and show them that im happy on my own

    • I having trouble its my depression and my passion... I have no one who can help me! I want to leave my mark... but instead I am closed in my room! I have no clue how I am gonna get out of this!

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  • People are asking how to be single and yet here I am forever alone. -__-

  • Just go out and do it. Enjoy yourself and try new things


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