I broke up with my girlfriend and I think she thinks we're back together in a way?

I broke up with my girlfriend on Saturday 5 days ago and cold shouldered her, you can check my last question to get all the details but she managed to get me to talk to her last nite and I got her to come over and we had sex 3 times and I think she thinks we are now back to together cause of this but I'm not getting back together with her, I think she might be cool with still seeing me. I still have feelings for her and I know for sure she still does for me but I can't get back together with her I know that. So would it be a bad idea in the sense that we started seeing eachother again just for sex but not "being" with each other?
She did agree upon that we are just friends though so i don't know


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  • This has never worked in my experience, it's just basically a relationship with out the title, it's going to mess with both your heads and I agree when it ends it will be like splitting up all over again.


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  • As long as you're completely clear about your intentions it could be okay.
    However since you're trying to get in a "friends with benefits" situation, I doubt it would work since both of you guys had (still have) feelings for each other.

    • I told her I just wanted to be friends for now and I didn't want a relationship right now, only because who knows maybe something will change in the time we're together and I'll want a relationship with her again

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    • Yeah more than likely this is true, but who knows I'm just gunna roll with what's going on and see what happens, jus gotta keep my guard up

    • Yeah like I said, that's completely fine... just wanted to see if you told her what you wanted.
      Chances are she still likes you a lot, and is having sex with you while hoping there's still a chance.

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  • Downgrading to friends with benefits status huh?


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  • If you want to get rid of your feelings for each other, yea it's a bad idea. If you find yourself wanting to date another woman, you're going to have all the drama of a breakup again when you tell your ex you can't see her anymore. It's best to just tell her that having sex again was a mistake, and cut her off completely.


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