Ex... is confusing my little head? Help guys looking for MHO immediately?

So yeah, we're broken up. We live in a small town and everything's pretty local. He works locally and when I'm in his shop, I often see him.

Tonight I was in and could see he was clearly busy. So I said hi, and then told him I'd just leave him to it. But he insisted no and asked me what I'd been up to... And tried to chat with me while he worked.

I then then told him I'm going into hospital soon and he looked slightly concerned and asked me what was wrong/told me he hopes I'm okay.

After I said about hospital and everything, he abruptly said 'I don't mean to be rude but I'm very busy and have a lot to do, so I'll need to go' I told him that was fine but that I'd rather he was just honest if he was busy in the first place. He said he was just being polite/nice.

He then said 'see you soon' and headed away quickly through to he back of the store. He seemed to clam up when I told him about the doctors, I don't know whether it was that or just that he was stressed out :S

What do you guys think? Would you not just tell a girl if you were busy in the first place?


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  • Good question. If I were really busy and I'd see an old friend, I'd love to chat and talk stuff out, but if I'd see that the pace is slowing down while a lot has to be done, I'd have to apologize and cartwheel to the back of the store :p

    • Well, he was so busy I couldn't have a conversation with him in the first place because he kept switching around! I thought, why couldn't he have just said in the first place. I don't get the feeling he wants to talk to me anyway and I hate the idea of him just doing things out of politeness :S

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    • Thanks for the mho ^^

    • Welcome ☺️

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  • You guys have a history, and I'm sure he just wanted to know if it was serious or not. Once he heard it wasn't, he had to get back to work

    • Well, I never told him what it was or if it's serious or not... because I don't know myself yet :S either way though, he was busy in the first place and see no point in him being polite just for the sake of it I guess :/

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