How can I get better?

So I used to be a great guy, I was good with my family, good with my friends, all the girls wanted to be with me, I liked myself and was happy. Then I dated this girl for 9 months. I fell in love with her but all I ever was with her was a toy. She was always looking at and flirting with other guys and even did shit with them, she'd call me names and do a lot of other stuff to put me down. I left her a few times but she always came back saying how sorry she was and how much she loved me and wanted only me and begged me to take her back, she would promise to be better and to change. I always belived her because I loved her. But it got wrose and wrose, I'd rather not get into it. But now I feel broken and sad. I have no self confadice. I push everyone away, espically girls. I don't trust anyone. I know I did this to myself. But how can I fix this?


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  • Move on and forgetting it


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  • You were in a much better place before , that attracted all the positive traits you are wanting back. You did not have the experience you had that made you forget who you were. you instead put all your validations of greatness and power into a person. before you were great on your own you were centered and one with the spirit. You threw all that away and started putting your center into a person. A not so good person at that. All people are fail-able good or bad. NEVER make them more important what brings happiness as just being alive and or one with the spirit.
    I don't care who it is nobody deserves or has the power to make me give up myself.
    Fortunately you found some major character flaws in the one you you gave yourself to. so now you can see what a mistake it was to do that.
    You can FIX this by asking your creator to guide you once again. Listen to your instincts and gut. that is your foretell signs. And new coincidental situations or ideas come, allow them to show their new opportunities of finding your inner happiness. let her go and prepare you heart and soul for someone far more well deserving of your love. just do not ever put her first before your Creator.

    • thank you for MH, hope it's getting easier for you today.

    • It is. Your advice helped a lot. Thank you.

    • great news , you did the work so you deserve all the credit. And it gets better and better as each day goes by. so I am excited for your future.

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