My ex just found the need to start talking to me again?

OK so I understand that there are people in this world that had a rough life and they feel like nobody cares about them and there all depressed and stuff. but why do some of those people find the need to make everyone around them all depressed I mean I was doing good feeling good and my ex just found the need to start talking to me again saying how much he loves me blah blah blah and how he's going to kill himself without me and I mean seriously why do they do that


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  • Well, if he's saying that he'll kill himself--or even hinting at it--or joking about it, you need to get him some help. Something you might want to understand about people is no one likes to feel alone. When you feel something, you like to know that some one else somewhere is feeling the same thing. It's very unhealthy, but it's what happens. Sounds like you aren't interested in him anymore. Find someone else... if you already are, good for you! He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you need to be with. Obsession isn't always a good thing in a relationship (there are few situations that it is).

    • He has 3 therapists lol and we were engaged but he was getting to possessive like he scared all my friends away I don't know he just needs to leave me alone

    • This sounds dangerous. I don't want to scare you, but I don't think that he's a good person to be around. I notice that you're under 18. When you go somewhere, have friends with you and tell an adult where you're going. I really don't like what you've explained about him. Be careful.

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