I'm hurting, what do I do?

I love my boyfriend with every fiber of my being but there are so many issues we have. He has been married 2 times.
he has 3 kids from his 1st marriage.
he is still legally married to his second wife and it has been over 2 years. He wants to have a kid with me. His kids hate me cuz they're jealous of me so I have not seen them in over 5 months and he only sees them once a week and Christmas is coming up & if he decides to go have Christmas with then and his ex wife and everybody It's gonna kill me. I could handle it was just his kids but HE IS DIVORCED FROM THEIR MOM! And they are all teens.
I feel he does not give me enough attention and I even have to fight him about not giving sex sometimes! and there is so much more.
I hate it so much.
but I am deeply in love :(
help me please


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