Is there any chance of getting back together if my ex boyfriend appears to be indifferent towards me?

I have been going out with a slightly introverted guy (he did not really know how to talk about his feelings) for 7-8 months. Things got physically and emotionally pretty quickly despite I was still pretty scarred with insecurity and fear from my previous relationship (I have been cheated on for a year). I depended on him a bit too much in terms of my happiness and emotions, but I didn't pick up any vital signs of distress from him. I was also heavily affected by the side effects of contraceptive pills and was pretty out of control with my emotions. We had a lot of fun times as well as a bit of arguments, things were pretty serious as he was the one who started mentioning moving out, getting married, kids etc so I thought he loved me a lot. A week ago, we had a small argument and I thought he was leaving me. I panicked and got out of control (cut myself), and he left me the next day saying he cannot cope in a relationship like this and I need to figure things out on my own and find my own happiness. A week later he came over to swap back our belongings, and I talked to him about agreeing with his decision and the steps I am taking to regain my confidence/improve myself. However, he appeared indifferent - said 'thank you for sharing and understanding' when I was done talking. I am not sure whether this is his mechanism of coping, or has he truly moved on and I have no chance of reconciliation even when I am better? We work in the same environment and I still have to see him everyday for the next four years as we complete our PhD.


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  • I know how hurtful that is when a person you care for, doesn't care for you. I learned the hard way, my ex didn't care for me and he never would have. A person who cares about you will sit down and try to figure out what is going on. He doesn't care for you.


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