Sign of healing?

I broke up w/my ex a few months ago and that devastated me. I was moving forward in life and he wasn't making an effort to better his living situation. He was also not making an effort for me, he was lazy in the relationship and in general. I always did everything for him and went out of my way to care for him and he would never go out of his way for me. When I sat him down to talk about it, he called me selfish and said I was mistreating him, that I should maybe find someone else. He sensed the break-up, but did nothing to stop it. He really had nothing to say when I broke up w/him, just that he would one day find a person that would accept him for who he is. W/in 10 minutes all our pics were gone from social media (he kept pics of his ex for a long time). He made promises a couple days later, then went on to accuse me of hurting him. I feel like the storm has passed, I couldn't even think of another guy w/out missing my ex. I have moved to a more professional job and feel great about myself. Now I'm like a teenager, I get super excited when I see a hot guy, not in a creepy way. Is this a sign that I'm healing?


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  • You're getting better 🙂


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  • I think that is a good sign, at least you are happy on your own. If he loves you enough to realise he needs to adjust his attitude in life, he will do it and contact you again I think.

    Do you mind helping me with my question? I'm suffering so terribly.

    • He has contacted me, one message about missing me and a couple one worded messages, I didn't answer any of them.

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