Do you ever miss them?

Think back, waaayyy back! Think of someone who was important... Someone that meant a lot to you. Could've been a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a best friend, or even a family member. Something must be happened that caused you both to stop talking... It's been sooo long ago... Do you miss that person? Drop your pride for a minute and be honest with yourself and with me. (It's not gonna kill you or embarrass you.) do you miss that person? Or better yet, would you ever go back or give them an apology? I hear in break ups people don't usually comeback once they say good bye forever... I certainly wish I could have 1 or 2 girls back from my past... But I wish I could have the old version of them, the people they grew up to be is just... Pitiful, they grew to be sluts and liars... (I hate to throw slander but the truth hurts) there's even friends I betrayed and did hurtful things to and I'll go to my grave regretting it but if I had a time machine I'd go back and stop myself or say things differently... Anyway what about you? Is there someone very far from you past that you wish you could see or talk to? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Family member? Bestfriend?
  • Yeah I miss one of my ex girlfriend
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  • Yeah I miss one of my ex boyfriends
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  • Yeah I miss my old best friend
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  • Yeah I miss my old family member
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  • Nah I don't miss anyone, their in the past for a reason!
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Lol dang... I notice nobody misses their rx boyfriends Hahaha. (cold world.)😌 Guess when a guy messes up there's no such thing as return... Either you get it right the first time or your ass is grass


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  • I miss the person my best friend was in the earlier years of our friendship, but she changed in a way I just couldn't and didn't get along with once she went to college. So it's probably for the best we stopped being friends.

    • Same with a girl I knew, she became a slut and started showing me pictures of her huggin on guys and yelling me stories how she gave dudes head in the theater, that made me sick to my stomach so I cut her off forever:

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  • I do miss someone... It sucks... but I don't think they miss me so it would be pointless to try and reach out.

    • You never know until you try right? What's the worst that could happen? They can only say they don't wanna talk to you and say bye... I know it hurts but sigh sometimes you have to be brave enough to find out these things I suppose

  • hmm i don't think i miss the people, but i miss the memories.

    • I mean like, you can create new memories with that person though so don't you miss cresting memories with him/her? Good ones, bad ones, sad ones, the long talks and even fights can be a good memory because sometimes they can teach you to change your ways or let go of your bad habits or something.. I mean I fight with people and argue and even talk shit but I'm always gonna return to admit when I was wrong and pray they'll forgive me and be my friend again... (Cough)😪😌but no seriously... I know I think I understand what you mean, I miss one of my ex girlfriend but I miss the way we were when I met her, I don't miss the person she became... She was soo sweet and nice and beautiful, now she just a party hoe that drinks 24/7, or a free ride at the circus cuz everyone sleeps with her too easy, I'm ashamed to have fallen for her but I definitely miss the woman she once was, I hope that makes sense...

    • Sorry for telling my life story haha got carried away man.

  • I miss the person my ex boyfriend was but that's why he belongs in the past. I have no desire to back with him or even see him.

    • What if he changed bCk? What if he's sweet and kind and nice and romantic to you again?

  • My old best friend is who I miss the most

    • May I ask what happened?

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    • I mean was it that big of a misunderstanding? Usually when people apologize then they move on and become friends again at the least. Some people usually seek and to return to become lovers again but that rarely ever works out after the first break up because someone is always too picky or acts like a cry bBy and yah... Have you tried contacting or speaking to her again

    • yep I have

  • I miss many people.

  • I miss 3 of my old best friends!


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