How Can I Move On?

I have loved this guy for over 5 years. He was my first and only love. We had a very strong connection and did everything together. He was my best friend and I opened up to him like I've never opened up to anyone before. I have had many relationships after him and none of them make me feel the way he made me feel. When we were in our final days together he told me that he was afraid that he will never love another girl like he loved me. The reason we broke up is because we are complete opposites in almost every way NOW. In the past, we were like two peas in a pod but as we grew older and found ourselves, we discovered that we are passionate about completely different things. For one I am a liberal and he is a republican that hates liberals. The things that we oppose each other on are much much worse than the liberal/republican example but I don't want to go into detail.

Any time I try to message him over facebook, email, etc, he immediately blocks and deletes my messages. We have been broken up for two years now and he is in a serious relationship but that doesn't stop me because I feel like he doesn't really love her and is just with her so that he isn't alone. I keep asking him to talk to me and tell me how he really feels about me. He just ignores me. He told me that we both need to move on and stop talking to each other because our relationship was very toxic (it really truly was. we almost killed each other). I can't move on though... Not without talking to him about everything that I feel and getting the truth out of him about all the questions that I feel need to be answered in order for me to get closure. He's gotta know that I know his passwords by now but he doesn't change them... I feel taht too makes it hard for me to let go because I can easily get on his facebook and go through his stuff. I've noticed he ignores his girlfriend a lot too who is madly in love with him.


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  • One thing that really helps is writing down your feelings, or writing a letter to him explaining everything that you feel about your relationship with him, and then don't send it to him. He clearly seems like he wants to move on, with the blocking and everything. Maybe he just needs space from you (some people prefer to have breakups go this way) or its too painful to talk to you. You clearly deserve someone better than what he's giving you, which is no responses and a toxic relationship. He's moving on (or trying to) and you need to as well.
    Good luck! xoxo


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