Why doesn't my ex want to meet up and hangout?

He broke up with me almost a year ago because he wanted to be single. We were together for 3 years. Well we agreed to stay friends and it's been going alright... exept that he doesn't want a face to face meet up. He calls me and texts me and chats with me very often, and while doing that he seems cool and everything. But every time I mention a live hangout he makes some excuse and bails out. I don't understand why?

We are in different countries by the way, but I visit his country every few months or so. And he doesn't have a girlfriend, he hasn't with anyone since the breakup.


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  • Maybe he has met somebody so doesn't want to meet up and let u find out. Maybe he was with her while he was with you? Have u asked him his reason for not wanting face to face meets?

    • No he didn't meet anyone else, I know that for sure. I did asked him and he always says that it's not that he doesn't want to see me but that something always comes up.

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    • Well I don't really know how to do that? I am leaving him to get on with it, but how am I supposed to respond back his calls and texts knowing he doesn't want to see me? Should I just respond them like everything is cool? Because no matter if I respond angry or cool, he is still not gonna want to see me.

    • Yes just respond normal not angry or over cool just be you. Try to limit contact don't reply as quick or answer first time. Try to make him think you've lost interest in him and totally over him.

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  • He's your ex, why do YOU want to meet up and hang out?

    • I don't see any harm in it. I mean I don't want just a half-ass online friendship, if he can chat with me then he should be able to see me too.

    • I really think you should cut him out

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  • Maybe he is scared the meeting will lead to him liking u again and then get hurt

    • Hmm... Why would it hurt him liking me again? :(

    • Because if the relationship failed once it will again plus the ldr isn't everyone's cup of tea

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  • Just don't do it! He your ex!

    • Why not? I don't see any harm.

    • Okay than if it makes you happy! I wouldn't that's all!

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