It hurts, I think I messed it up, why?

My guy hasn't called me since I contacted him last week because of his birthday.

Yesterday I tried to call him, but he didn't answered. I sent him this morning a text message asking how he was doing? He hasn't answered.

I am scared, I think he wants to break up and be free, but he doesn't want to tell me and go away without saying.

It hurts, I know that maybe is the best, for both, but I can't take it because i feel that we came to this because of my fault.

I feel bad, I feel that I messed it up because I complained him 3 weeks ago that he didn't call me as he promised and he expressed his frustration about how we couldn't see each other easily.

I have tried until now to work things out because i felt bad, but i think there is no solution if he doesn't put part of him.

How can I feel better so I can accept that it is over?


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  • Wait... you messed it up because you complained him 3 weeks ago that he didn't call you as he promised?
    I don't know what kinda relationship you're in, but I know that you can't ask someone attention... otherwise will be a fake attention.

    of course you'll feel scared, cuz you made your happiness tied to someone you already knew his a temporary in your life. you should see things for what they are, not as you want or you hoped or expected. Don't be hard on yourself or look back, enjoy the small things in, because someday you may look back and realize they were a big things in your life... just forgive yourself and move on.

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    • you didn't release him, you're just released yourself and that something good. don't worry about the past, accept what happened and realize that what a happened is happen for a reason, not because you aren’t good enough, but because your life was messy and it's time to put some things in the right places.
      give yourself a time that you need and space to be you ( only you)+cut contact with him, cuz your happiness right now more important than him.

    • Thank you for trust (MOH)... wish you the best.

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  • did i just answer to this?


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