Should I give her another chance?

OK my girlfriend just recently cheated on me twice one with an ex and one with a friend. she says that the friend she was too scared to say no to and she was not thinking when she had sex with the ex. I love her so much and I know she loves me even if she did this she tried to force me to break up with her but I wouldn't I don't know what to do I love her more than anything please help.

i am afraid what she will do if I do break it off with her. she has just been put on medicine for bi polar disorder. and like a couple weeks ago she told me she was guna f*** up because she always does but I did not believe her


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  • If I were you I would move on. I know that it may be difficult if you love her, but if she really felt the same way you did she would have never cheated once. Yet she cheated on you twice. Think about it, you are setting yourself up to be cheated on a third time. Good luck to you.

  • Maybe it's a bad idea to compare this situation to what I'm about to compare it to, but I'm going to.

    If you stab someone more than once, you meant to do it.

    If you ram your car into someone's car more than once, you meant to it.

    She did it more than once. There's intent.

    If she's to scared to say no now, what does that say about the future?

    She cheated more than once and wanted you to break up with her...

    doesn't seem like she wants this relationship as badly as you do.

    • I'm not sure on that one then.

    • I told her I would give her one more chance but I don't know if I can even touch her anymore without thinking of them

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