What to do when things were left hanging on a bad note?

So, I recently called things off with a guy I was seeing for around two months. Basically, we're both in high school and met at a concert. To my surprise, we really hit things off and started talking every day -- there was always a lot to say, and I could tell he was genuinely interested in getting to know me. We only got to hang out a few times because we live pretty far away from one another.

Two nights ago, we spoke about hanging out again, and I found the courage to ask him how he sees me... I couldn't tell if we were just friends, hookup buddies, or something more (we hadn't had sex yet, but fooled around a bit). He told me he has feelings for me, and that those feelings would only grow stronger if we hung out again, but that we can't date due to the distance. That was fair enough because we do live pretty far apart. He also noted that we didn't have to hookup if I didn't want to, and he just wanted to spend time with me etc etc. I started to feel pretty confused... we both have feelings, but couldn't do anything proactive about them. So I told him it was probably best to stop talking, because we'd only grow to like each other more without even being able to date (and then I'd end up hurt/frustrated). He didn't totally understand the problem with that but said it was ultimately my decision.
So then he turned completely cold on me, and when I asked him why, he said he didn't see the point in being emotional/soft with somebody he was never going to speak to again. I just thought I was doing the right thing, and wanted to leave it on a good note, but he was very bitter and my last impression of him is as such. How do I come to terms with this? He's made me out to feel like a complete bitch, and I can't tell why he was so rude to me... was it because he was hurt, pissed off, or really just didn't care about the situation?


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  • If want's that than so Be it, use some harsh words and end it in a way bad way because by doing this you will have the reason to hate him otherwise you are right more you stay stronger it will become your dating life is not going to work due to distance.
    You had made a decision now stick to it, regret is not going to get you anything.


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