A relationship that lasted a couple of months is worthy? or re markable enough to text him sorry?

we met during a trip and then we split. When he went back to his country we remain in touch until he finally said he didn`t see how to keep in touch. It was very messy cuz I didn`t expect it. He got to a point where he had to block me on his phone. I just wanted to text him that how sorry I'm for how things ended up and that I hope he is doing well. But i also think that a couple of months is not a lot of time but he was kinda special to me cuz I never had that kind of connection with any other guy. But I know time heals all and in the future I will met someone new but for now I'm just sorry about it cuz we had so many good memories and had a lot of fun together, but it ended so bad.


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  • You need to leave it be. No matter what you do he will think you are going psycho and trying to get him back, even stranger after all this time has passed. Some relationships are short and fun, some are longer lasting but each teaches you something about your self no matter how they end.

    • I was very pushy, I couldn`t/can't understand how u can't keep in touch with someone who lives in another country.

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    • the good memories only gives me tears.

    • I know, breaking up hurts in so many unexpected little ways. It will pass, I swear to you.

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