Should I Move On? Help!

I met this guy through a relative (his mom asked for my email address from my cousin). Because I live in Austria and he lives in the US, we’ve only been communicating through emails. We emailed each other occasionally since August last year and he’d answer to my emails the following day.

When I came to visit my cousin for a month last December we agreed to meet up. We went out three times with him paying for all the meals and tickets and before I returned to Austria, he gave me a box of chocolate. He also sent me an email wishing me a safe trip back and asking me to keep in touch. A week after arriving in Austria, he sent me an email asking how are things are doing basically. I answered his email the following day but haven’t heard from him for three weeks.

Last week I emailed him just to catch up and didn’t hear from him for almost a week. I started to and was determined to move on with my life when I got a response from him yesterday. He was quite apologetic for not answering my emails right away. He said he meant to reply on my second to the last email but he was busy with work the last few weeks. He asked me loads of questions - maybe just to try to get the conversation going. I like this guy but I’m not sure what his intentions are and if he likes me back. I’m confused with his actions at the moment. Should I ignore him and move on?


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  • To me,it seems that the two of you should start with friendship only, the distance will have an effect on relationship. If you are considering moving to the states then things may be different. You stated whether you should move on, why have you stopped? It seems too new to just stopped dating others and sitting around waiting on an email.

    I was always told that when someone is interested, they will Alwayz make time! Good Luck!


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  • Trust me, he's interested, and you need not worry about his intentions. If he's emailing you from halfway across the world, he's not interested in just another hook up or fling. He probably was busy, like he claimed. The only thing is, this sounds like a budding long distance relationship to me and you have to ask yourself if you're ready for that...more importantly, you need to ask him that. Just make sure you're in this for the long run before you do.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    Well if he lives in US and you live in Aus then it would be a long distance relationship which don't work and you wouldn't be able to see each other a lot which is crap so what's the point.

    I think you should find someone else that lives around you, someone who could be there for you instead of having to get a plane ha ha.

    anything else just ask

    BY L

  • Sorry to email you here! But can you enlighten me about more of you know the Austrian guy/ general Austrian dating habits? I don't have a high level on my account to post the link, but here it is:
    girlsaskguys. com/dating/q1601806-austrian-guys-girls-anyone-familiar-with-austria-what-are-the

    Also, what happened after that?


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