Girls, Can You Help Me Figure Out This Mind F**K Of A Riddle?

Ladies, You've been an ex 2 years with a guy you loved & moved on with a guy you loved more but are recently single. You for whatever reason decided to reach out to your ex of 2 years after about 4 months of getting out of your last 2 year relationship. A month goes by & you 2 are starting to be friends again. It is very clear your ex still wants you but he is fine with being your friend. One day you tell him you 2 will never be together again but a few days later tell him just because you say that now dosen't mean it won't happen in the future. You say these things while you both are having people try to date you.

What are the reasons to reach out to your ex after years knowing you 2 can be great friends but he will jump at the chance to be with you again/What are the signs (if any) that a man in this situation has a chance with his ex?


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  • too complicated


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