What will be the best one?

Hi everyone. What will be the best option to do.

My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago. We broke up over the dumbest thing. I still love her to death and she is all I think about. Now I will be trying out something to ask her out again, just like I did the first time when I fell deeply in love with this beautiful girl. We have been in no contact since the day of our break up and I honestly don't know what will be her response, but I am hoping for the best.

What will be the best option to do, because I have all of them in mind?

Should I make a video for her?

Should I write a letter to her, attached to some flowers and unexpectedly show up at her first period class in college and tell the class I have a delivery for a special girl (this coming week is her final week of school)

Or should I wait until Christmas day and text her and tell her I'm at the spot where we last hung out near her house and talk to her.

She is extremely special to me and honestly I am so in love with her! I have to do this!


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  • Though you said you have to do this, what if you don't have to do this. If the dumbest thing is the cause of the break up, it could mean she used it as an excuse to get rid of you.

    • I have to do this because this is what I would like to do and I'm aiming for that. I know what you mean by saying, what if I don't have to do this... I'm doing it because I can and it doesn't hurt to try.

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